Why the Luna Bar banned from Dublin airport

A Dublin City Council spokesperson said they had no intention of “discriminating” against the Luna bar and that they would look into whether they had been issued a licence.

The Luna Bar is located at the airport on the south side of the runway and has been on the city’s radar for a number of years.

The council’s spokesperson said it was not “appropriate” to speculate on how long the bar might remain on the list.

“The council takes its duty of oversight very seriously and, when appropriate, will look into this matter,” they said.

They said they would make a statement about the bar’s licence application “in due course”.

They said it had been in the process of applying for a licence for some time and would be considering any information provided by the bar.

The bar has previously received complaints from people who had their glasses confiscated for being too noisy, which led to the ban being introduced in 2012.

The ban has been criticised by the Irish Travellers Alliance.

In a statement to the Irish Times, the group said the Luna “has no legitimate business purpose” and it was “deeply concerned about the potential impact it may have on the health of travellers in Dublin and elsewhere in the country”.

It said it also wanted to know what “possible measures” would be taken to prevent it from operating in the city.

The group said it will be asking the Council to consider whether it has been “prohibited from operating”.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Airport said: “We take our responsibility as a public body to protect public health and safety very seriously.

We will be consulting with the Dublin City Health Unit to determine whether we have been permitted to operate.”