When the next generation of bars opens, it might as well be in Hershey, PA

A new bar concept is coming to Hershey.

It’s called Hershey’s Bar Sink.

According to the Hershey Daily News, the bar is part of a larger concept called the Herscheys, a partnership between the company and Hershey-based manufacturer Bar and Biscuits.

Bar and Bistro CEO Scott M. Loughran said the bar, which opened in July, is a unique concept.

“It’s a bar that’s built for Hershey and that’s designed specifically to cater to Herschey fans,” he said.

The bar is designed to accommodate Herscheymans unique love of craft beer.

“I think Herscheyladies favorite thing about the Hersheys is their beer selection,” said Mathers wife, Jessica.

“We want to cater that love of beer.”

In addition to beer, the Bar and the Bar Sinker will feature local food, craft cocktails and a selection of local art.

“We’re really excited about the bar and the bar sink,” said Loughraun.

“It’s the best of what Hershey has to offer.”

The Hershey Bar Sipper will feature a beer selection that ranges from a special draft, to a draft and two bottles, and the beverage bar will also feature a small beer bar.