When the light bar on a subway stops working, what do you do?

By now you’ve probably seen this:The subway bar has been replaced with a new light bar.

But while the new design might seem like a nice touch, what’s really going on here is a whole lot more than just a simple redesign.

The problem is that when the bar is not working properly, the lights go out and the lights on the trains don’t.

That can make for some uncomfortable and confusing experiences for riders.

The new design of the subway bar is supposed to fix this.

But a number of transit systems are not installing the light bars at all.

The Toronto Transit Commission has announced that it will be replacing the old light bar with a single light bar that will provide continuous lighting throughout the entire system.

This means that the new bar will be in use for about half the subway trains.

However, some transit riders are concerned about the new lighting, saying that it is causing delays and that they feel unsafe walking the streets.

The TTC says that the lighting is only going to be in place for the first half of the night and will not be in operation for any time between 7 p.m. and midnight.

In order to ensure that the lights are in place at all times, the TTC is asking riders to keep their eyes on their phones while they’re using the system.