When bars close, why are some places getting more creative?

FourFourOne – The world of bars isn’t getting any easier to find, and some of the best spots for some of Australia’s favourite bars and restaurants have changed hands.

From hipster bars and dive bars to hipster hipster clubs, it’s a diverse world and sometimes a bit confusing.

We’ve put together a guide to all the places to get in and see what they’re all about.

You can find our bar map below or find more local and national information on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

What are the bars, pubs and restaurants?

There are two major types of bars in Australia: bars and pubs.

They’re open to the public and serve alcohol.

Bar owners can have a limited number of people in the premises, while pubs offer up to 200.

The rules around where bars can be open vary from state to state.

Some states ban the open bar, while others don’t.

In some states the bar must be at least two hours before and after the end of a public meeting, while other states allow the bar to be open until 5am.

You won’t find a bar in every state, however, and it’s easy to find a place to enjoy some good old fashioned pub grub.

If you’re planning to visit a bar or pub, you’ll need to book the bar beforehand.

We recommend booking ahead of time and then visiting at a time that suits you.

We recommend you book ahead of the first weekend of each month, but it’s always a good idea to book for the following weekend.

This can be an advantage if you want to visit in advance and have access to the best restaurants and bars.

We also recommend you plan ahead to ensure you can stay at the venue for the first night, and then book for a second night, as there may be some changes to the pub and bar area.

It can be a bit of a hassle, though, so book ahead if you can.

You should also book ahead for the weekend, as many bars and venues close on weekends, with a few exceptions.

It’s always best to book ahead, and you should do so before the first day of your visit, to avoid waiting in line and the risk of having to pay extra for a beer.

If your first visit is late, you may have to wait longer than usual.

You may also need to change your reservation.

Check out our tips for making your first time in the country worthwhile.

You’re in a barIf you’ve never been in a pub before, or you’re not a pub-goer, there’s a good chance you’re in the wrong place.

Here are some tips to make it a pleasant experience.

There’s usually a counter or bar in the back of the bar.

There should be a clear sign that states you’re ordering a drink.

If you don’t know what a drink is, ask.

A small sign at the back says “drinks start at $2.50” or “coffee starts at $3.00” or something similar.

This may be a good thing, because it’s much easier to order a drink if you’re familiar with what’s being served.

If the bar’s small, you should also take note of the signs that tell you if you have to leave the premises before 10pm, or if there are children allowed inside.

The staff should also check you are OK before you leave.

If it’s busy, the staff may be reluctant to let you in.

Some bars may only allow you in if you’ve made a reservation.

If this is the case, make sure you ask if you need anything else to get into the bar, or else you’ll likely be left waiting for hours in the dark.

There are a few other things to take into account before you arrive:Where you can sitThere are generally three different types of seating at a bar: the bar itself, a bar stool, and a barstool.

Barstools are usually placed on the ground floor, while the bar stool is usually placed in the middle of the floor.

Bar stools are often a bit more expensive than barstools, and can cost more.

They should only be used for small groups, or a few people at a table.

If they’re not large enough for a table, try to find another barstOOL: https://www.australian.gov.au/songs/song-of-the-year/barstool-song-booking/The bar itself is a small bar.

This is where the drinks are served and where you can talk to the staff.

The bar is usually the most common seating area.

If the bar is busy, it may be difficult to find someone to sit down and enjoy a drink together.

If there’s no one else to sit at the table, or it’s difficult to get a drink from, it might be best to go to a different bar or restaurant.

You’ll need a ticket