When a $50 Light Bar Could Become a $1,000 Business

It’s hard to imagine an industry as powerful and profitable as the mobile-first light bar.

Now, the industry is getting a boost thanks to a deal announced on Thursday by a new mobile startup called Bar Rescue.

The company, which was founded by a former Bar Rescue staff member, says it will be offering up to $1 million in funding to help the fledgling startup grow its business and get customers into its stores. 

Bar Rescue CEO Brian Fuhrmann says he’s excited to see his company’s vision take off. 

“We’re a tiny company but we’ve got a really good team that has been working on it for a couple years,” he told Bloomberg Businessweek in an interview.

“The bar is the most popular thing around here.” 

Bar Escape is a San Francisco startup that’s been working to bring the convenience of a bar cart to the masses.

The San Francisco-based company has launched a series of mobile apps, including Bar Escape, that let people order from a mobile app in the comfort of their own home. 

According to the company, Bar Escape will launch its own app and a bar-focused service within a few months. 

The company, along with others, is hoping to capitalize on the rapid growth of bar carts.

Fuhmann says the new venture will make it easier for the company to grow, expand and tap into more consumers who want to spend less time in bars and more time at home.

Bar Rescue also wants to make it easy for bar owners to sell bar carts to others, so it can offer them more services, such as bar rental and catering. 

In addition to the funding, Bar Rescue is also offering Bar Escape customers a discount on their purchase, according to a press release. 

At first glance, Bar Safari is similar to Bar Rescue, which is based in Seattle and is owned by an employee of Bar Rescue founder Michael Fuhra.

But Fuhrer says Bar Safari will be able to tap into the huge market of mobile-focused bars that have sprung up around the world. 

Fuhrer said he’s “not worried” about competing with Bar Rescue’s business model, which relies on a $500,000-plus investment. 

‘People are dying’ bar carts, and that’s why the market needs more bars, he said. 

It’s also a big gamble for Bar Rescue to offer up the $1.1 million that Fuhrabins team is offering up.

The new venture, like many others in the mobile bar market, has seen its business go from a $2 million-a-month business to a $30 million-per-year business.

The founder says he expects that bar cart growth will continue to grow in the future, but that it will take some time. 

This is the first time Bar Rescue has raised funds from an investor, according the company’s website. 

As for Fuhramans team, he is looking forward to expanding Bar Rescue and working with others who want a share in the pie. 

He said Bar Rescue was always meant to be a company of the people.

“If we can be able (to help others), we’ll be there,” he said in the interview. 

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