What you need to know about the new Apple Watch series

The newest Apple Watch Series 3, Apple’s newest smartwatch, is expected to arrive in the US this September and come with an array of new accessories, including a Luna Bar, a cookie bar and a banana bread bar.

While there are already a few Luna Bars and cookie bars on the market, Apple said in a press release today that it will also launch an Apple Watch 3 “Bobby Bare” bar in September that “is the world’s first full-color, rainbow-patterned, stainless-steel, and black-anodized aluminum bar” that is “delivering a perfect blend of color, texture and feel”.

While it’s a relatively small addition to the Luna Bar line, the Luna bar is the first to be named after Apple Watch’s own founder, who is also the CEO of Apple.

The new bar will come in two different flavors: the “bacon” and the “walnut”, and both are available in “satin black” and “copper grey” finishes.

Luna bars are available for $149.99 on Apple’s online store.

Apple said the new Luna Bar will be available in the United States starting in September.