What you need to know about a new state law to regulate bathrooms

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie (R) signed a bill on Wednesday that could force some transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their biological sex.

The legislation, called the Gender Identity Act, was sponsored by state Sen. David L. Price (R-Essex), and passed the state Senate on Wednesday by a 51-40 vote.

The Assembly approved the bill on Tuesday by a vote of 32-14.

In the bill, the governor would require that transgender people use facilities and facilities that correspond to their biological gender.

He also would require private schools to allow students to use facilities that match their biological birth certificate, and allow students and faculty to use restrooms, locker rooms and showers that match the gender on their birth certificates.

Under the law, the government would be required to pay for facilities that reflect the gender they were assigned at birth, including a state agency that would review policies and make recommendations.

Christie also said the state would take steps to allow transgender students to participate in state-funded programs.

Price, who has advocated for transgender rights, called for the legislation to go further, saying that “the public is not being given a voice in this.”

He said he did not think it was appropriate for the governor to issue a blanket order, and he argued that the bill should be read as broad, requiring transgender people “to be treated like everyone else in the state.”