Watch: Bar Rescue’s ‘bar furniture’ rescue video shows what it’s like to live in a bar

The rescue of a bar furniture company in Toronto has been caught on video.

The Bar Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues abandoned, stolen, or abandoned-for-sale bars.

Bar Rescue Rescue’s founder and CEO, Mike Pfeifer, said he started Bar Rescue in 2007 to provide safe places to hang out in the city.

“There are a lot of bars in Toronto and they have a lot to do with it,” Pfeiger said.

“I had a friend that was in a downtown bar that was robbed, and he told me the guy had broken into his bar, so I went in there and rescued him.”

The bar’s owner told CBC News that he was robbed on his way out and that he had no idea what happened.

Pfeifer said the bar had been vacant for two years, and the owner was willing to sell it to Bar Rescue for a reasonable price.

Bar rescue says they rescued one of its employees.

“We got a guy who said he was about 50 years old, he was the only employee,” Pyefer said.

The owner, who said his name was Steve, said the thieves broke into the building, stole some furniture and then fled.

“He said he never saw anything like that before,” Peefer said, adding that the owner said he wasn’t sure what happened to the bar before the thieves left.

The thief left behind a note, which the Bar Rescue received, Pfefer said he thought was a “very, very good deal.”

“He says, ‘It’s for $50.

If you buy it for $75 I’ll give you a discount,'” Pfeffer said.

Bar Rescue Rescue says its bar furniture is being used as furniture for shelters and bars in need.

It also helps provide furniture to bar owners who need it.

“Bar Rescue is the number one bar furniture rescue company in Canada,” said Pyeifer.

“We’ve saved thousands of lives and thousands of dollars, and we’re working with people in need to do that as well.”

Bar Rescue says they’ve saved more than 5,000 lives and more than $4 million dollars in damages, mostly to the owner’s property.

The group is also helping bars in other cities around the world.