Vizio Sound Bar: We Bare Bears,Kava Bar,Breakout Bar,Nutty Bars,Vizio

Vizio has just released its latest sound bar line-up, bringing back the brand’s popular and distinctive “bears” line-ups.

The company is set to introduce three new sound bars to the world, including the Kava Bar which is a bar with bears and “biscuits”.

The “bear” bars are not only unique in that they are not made of the bear skin but they also have bear’s head and eyes on them, a design that was designed to reflect Vizio’s “bear-loving” roots.

The new line-art is reminiscent of Vizios iconic “battleship” logo which is also featured on the brands “Bears” collection, as well as the company’s other bear designs, which include the “Spiral”, “Eagle” and “Growler”.

The “Bones” bar is set in a dark, dark room with a bright, bright LED light on it and a dark bar, both of which will feature a white background with a black stripe, a nod to Vizio brand’s heritage.

The “Vizi” line is a mix of the classic Vizio logo with a new twist, with a darker, “blacker” “V” in the middle of the logo and a new font called “V”, which is reminiscent the font used by “Sparrow” brand.

The Vizio “Sprint” line also features a dark logo, a white “S” in front of the company logo and “S”, which translates to “speed”.

The new “brawlers” sound bars will also be available in an array of colors, including green, orange, black, yellow and red.

The brand’s new “Boom” sound bar is similar to the original “Brawlers”, with the “boom” logo on a black background with two black stripes on either side of it, reminiscent of the brand logos “Bowser” and a black “B”.

The Vizios new “Caps” soundbars are set in an industrial room with two white lights, a red “C” and two black dots, with the brand logo in the center.

The two “Cups” soundbar soundbars feature a dark red logo with the Vizio name in the top left corner, with white dots at the top and bottom of the “C”, with a white border around the “R” logo.

The “Cup” sound and “Cappuccino” sound are both available in two colors: white and black.

Vizios new flagship sound bar also sports two white LEDs in the base, while its “Cobra” sound is set on a dark black background, with red dots on either end.

The range of “bark” sound styles is also set to be available, with Vizio aiming to create a “barks” sound experience, similar to “Barks” by DJI.

The brand is also aiming to incorporate “breathable” sound elements to its sound bars, including a reflective “belly” bar and a “panda bear” sound.

The three new Vizio sound bars are set to launch at some point in 2017, with other brand partners including the “Gumdrops” brand also expected to release a “Babs” sound Bar.