‘The Trap’ taps new music with ‘The Dance’

The Trap bar in the UK is now offering a new music selection to counter the surge in popular EDM.

The space bar has a new sound system with DJ Zeds Dead, who will play new music from his album “The Trap” on Sunday.

The Trap bar has also added a DJ booth to its new mix to play the latest music from artists such as The Chainsmokers, Chance the Rapper and Zedd.

The music is curated by DJ Zedd, who is a big fan of trap music.

He has curated a few dance music tracks on his Soundcloud page, and you can also hear tracks by other artists including Coldplay, Alesso and Lana Del Rey.

The trap bar has been in the process of updating its sound system for a few months now.

In a video posted to its Facebook page, DJ Zedes Dead explained the new sound:”My friends and I at The Trap are working hard to make sure the sound system is the best ever, so we decided to give it a complete makeover and put the best DJs in the world on board to make the sound better.”

As part of the upgrade, The Trap also has an upgrade to its music selection, which will now include two new tracks from the DJ Zoes Dead, Chance The Rapper, Alessium and Zeds.

The Trap is also expanding its music streaming service, offering up “The Dance” and “The Trance” on Monday.

Check out our interview with Zeds and the Trap bar to find out more about the new music.

The dance club in the US has also updated its soundsystem to feature more DJs.

The Club 7 has teamed up with the music industry to bring a new selection of dance music to the US, and the result is a DJ set that includes artists such Lady Gaga, Skrillex and the Weeknd.

Check it out below: