Starbucks ‘not going to apologize for racism’ in ‘noteworthy’ slur

Starbucks is not apologizing for a slur allegedly used to describe black people in the US, a spokeswoman told CNN.

The “noteworthy” word “pinkie” was used in the company’s Black Friday menu and the coffee bar at its flagship Starbucks coffee shop in New York.

The slur was not identified in the menu, but a Twitter user pointed to it on Tuesday.

“The slur was NOT part of our Black Friday line up,” the spokeswoman told The Associated Press.

“There were no other instances of it in our store, in our stores across the country and globally.”

She said the Starbucks bar was the only location in which the slur was used, but said she was “very surprised” to hear about the incident.

The Starbucks bar, the spokeswoman said, has since been removed from the menu.

The company said it has since banned the use of the word in its coffee, and that it is “conducting a thorough investigation.”