Palladian man loses $3M for losing $1M in gas station parking deal

A Canadian man says he lost $3 million for losing an expensive car park in his Palladian home.

Josh LeBlanc, 37, says he bought his new car in 2012 at a garage in Victoria, B.C., and when he got a rental agreement for it, he realized he would have to pay for the garage parking.

The car was the only one he had in the house.

LeBlanchy says he never knew the car was on the rental contract.

Leblanc said he then started looking into how to pay off the parking charges when he found out it was not covered by the deal.

LeBreton says he did not make the purchase because he did the right thing and it was a “good thing for the community” to have the parking available.

LeBanc says he has spent more than $100,000 since he started looking at how to help the community.

He has also written to the City of Victoria and the B.CA. government to ask about how the parking program is managed.

LeBarron said he wants to see more cities and communities around the province make similar deals to help people.

He is asking the city of Victoria to offer a free parking for people who pay the parking fee.

Lebreton said he plans to contact the City and city council about the situation.

The city says it has a parking program that does not charge for parking in the garage.