Ninja coffee bar row: Where bars and melody meet?

A bar in Jerusalem’s Old City is hosting a bar-themed dance party for the public, with a special twist: The bar is adorned with nipple piercing bar rings.

The theme of the party is a mix of “ninja” and “bar” — and one of the performers is a local rapper who has a bar tattooed on his right breast.

In the midst of a national debate about whether the bar is a bar, or a nipple piercing, a bar in Israel is hosting one of its biggest nipple-piercing bar parties, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The bar, located in the Old City, is a collaboration between the local hip-hop duo, “Ninja Coffee Bar” and the Bar Yona, an Israeli nightclub.

The event, which has been scheduled for the past month, was meant to celebrate the release of “Ninjas of Death” by DJ DJ Akram.

The hip-hops, who have a strong connection to the community, will be playing songs from their new album, “Empire.”

While some may find the event offensive, other members of the public are more than happy to pay their respects to the bar.

In a Facebook post, the bar said the theme is part of the band’s new album.

The band is also hosting a dance party next week in the same location for “Ninjas of Death,” with the bar, its music and DJs set to perform, according the post.

The Bar Yoni, a hip-Hop club in the northern city of Beer Sheva, also hosted a nipple-stripping party in 2016.

The party drew more than 300 people, according a police report.

The Jerusalem Bar Association also held a nipple tattooing contest in 2017, with contestants choosing the “most nipple-centric” nipple piercing.

At the time, the organizers of the contest said the contest was intended to encourage people to wear “nipple piercings” to the dance party.

“Ninja coffee bars” have also been held in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, according “ninjas” of death.

In 2013, a Palestinian woman in Tel Yitzhar was attacked by a group of “tribal youths,” who were allegedly wearing “nail-tipped” bracelets and had the words “death to Arabs” written on their chest.

The man was later arrested, and the woman was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The “nipples” in the video are the same ones that are found on a tattoo of an Israeli politician’s head in the form of a swastika.