Medical News Now: ‘We’re not taking this lightly’

A new law passed last month by the Legislature would require health care providers to provide a variety of health care services including emergency room visits, surgical procedures, and even abortions.

The bill, which Gov.

Brian Sandoval signed into law on March 20, is expected to make medical care more accessible and accessible to people in need.

The law was passed on the heels of a series of tragic events, including the deaths of four pregnant women at a hospital in Las Vegas, and a string of deadly attacks in 2017 in which an individual claimed responsibility for multiple mass shootings.

“We’re here to fight back,” Sandoval said in a press conference on the bill on March 18.

“The fact that people have died in the last year, the fact that we had a year and a half of mass shootings in the state of California and the fact the Governor signed this bill is evidence that we are serious about stopping these attacks.”

The new law, which is also expected to have wide-ranging effects, will go into effect in 2020.

In the meantime, some people are choosing to remain uninsured because they don’t want to lose their medical care, and others choose to take advantage of the new Medicaid expansion.

A new bill in the New Mexico Legislature will also require health providers to report information on patient outcomes and care quality to the state, which will be used to develop a new system to track patient outcomes.

The new legislation will also increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour and allow people to stay in their homes while they wait for a medical appointment.