Man arrested for allegedly urinating on gay couple

Jammu, India: A man has been arrested after allegedly urinated on a gay couple on the street in Jammu city.

Police sources said the couple were visiting from Jammu in a private car and were passing through a private road in a neighbourhood when they were attacked by a mob.

The two were attacked with stones and bricks and later taken to a local hospital, police said.

They are now in police custody.

A man identified as Ram Gopi Singh was arrested for the attack, police sources said.

He is scheduled to appear before a court on Monday.

The incident comes amid a wave of homophobia in India, with more than 200 people arrested in a series of hate crimes since June.

The attack comes just days after police arrested two men who allegedly assaulted a man and two women in a popular gay spot in the southern city of Kochi.

The man was allegedly attacked by two men in a car, who punched him repeatedly and dragged him from the vehicle.

The men fled the scene, police say.