Karaoke bar with the moon on its back is a ‘lunatic’ idea

Posted November 18, 2018 09:51:14 This is a photo of a Karaoke Bar in a New York City alley, but not one with the name Luna Bar attached.

It is actually called Karaoke Lounge Bar, and it’s a bar where people sing along to popular songs like “Love Is All Around” and “Luna Bar” by the rock band The Shins.

The bar’s name has caused a bit of controversy, with some users questioning the validity of the name, while others say it’s hilarious and a good way to socialise with friends.

It’s the latest twist in a long-running dispute over a famous bar in New York, which is not owned by any of the stars.

Some of the bar’s guests have questioned the validity and the meaning of the title.

“The bar name is so ridiculous.

I’m not sure if it’s just a name, it’s more a name of a bar.

It’s so un-American,” said one person.”

This is a joke.

It should be called a bar,” another said.”

It should be named after a famous song.

It just sounds like it’s an insult,” said another.”

Luna bar should be the title of the new song.

I’d love to be able to go there,” said the third.

While the bar is currently undergoing a legal battle, the owner is adamant that the name is an authentic Bar Looze.

“There is no bar named Luna Bar.

It has nothing to do with Luna bar.

Luna bar is just a fictional name for a bar, and I’m going to fight for it,” said owner Matt Barboza.”

I’m just trying to keep it a little bit of a secret, but people need to know that Luna bar has a very authentic feel to it,” he added.”

People have been tweeting about it and posting pictures, and this is just an example of the backlash that has come from people who are not familiar with Karaoke,” he said.

He’s not alone.

The name has been trending on Twitter and Instagram for a few days now, with users using the hashtag #LunaLoungeBar, which has more than 11,000 retweets.

Luna Lounge Bar is the latest in a string of Karaoke Bars in the US that have been dubbed “Lunatic” by some users.

It was launched in 2006 by the singer-songwriter Mavis Staples, who claimed it was a place for “cool girls” to socialize and have fun.

However, the name has since been criticised as a slur, and the bar was renamed “The Bar”.

It’s been in the news for months now, as a number of Karaos in the United States were taken over by bar owners who were unhappy with its name.

In 2015, the singer Taylor Swift was banned from performing at a Karaokan in Washington state, citing the name.

A similar boycott was also held in 2014 by a group of US musicians who called on fans to boycott a Karaoka in New Jersey.

A number of bars in the UK have also been criticised for their Karaoke bars, including in Cardiff, Cardiff, London and Sheffield.

There is a petition on Change.org, which aims to change the name of The Karaoke Alley in the city of Cardiff, which was named after the bar.

“Citizens and businesses should not be forced to give up their identity in order to benefit the likes of Mr Staples and Ms Swift, but instead we should be proud of our Karaoke history and heritage,” it says.

“If this new Karaoke legend in the heart of Cardiff is to be named Luna, then we must be bold and go beyond the confines of the Cardiff name.”