How to use your favorite restaurant chairs for the rest of your life

Cooks at the bar stool have been the backbone of the Chicago bar scene for years.

But as the city continues to struggle with rising crime, those stools may be facing a future of sorts.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a handful of bar stool makers have already been offering up their creations in bar-themed bars, such as the “Bars for Everyone” series of stools that were designed for the Chicago Food and Wine Festival.

It’s the idea that people who love food, drinks, and other bar fare should have the option to bring their own stool.

But there’s one major issue with this plan: it’s a bit of a contradiction.

While the idea of bringing your own stool is cool, bringing your favorite kitchen bar stool to your favorite bar sounds downright awesome.

The idea of using your favorite cookstool for the whole meal sounds pretty great, too.

It’s not like you’re not welcome to bring your own kitchen barstools, though.

The Tribune reports, however, that the bar stool market is growing quickly, and it’s starting to take its toll on the stools makers.

One Chicago bar stool maker told the Tribune that they’re seeing customers requesting stool upgrades, as the demand is increasing.

That’s a concern for the barstool makers, since their products aren’t cheap and it’ll take a bit more time to find new suppliers.

But if the stool makers are right and there’s a market for a cheaper stool, it’s definitely a possibility.