How to make your favorite cocktail bar more affordable

A few years ago, the concept of cheap bar stool sets and cheap bar stool sets became synonymous with hipsterism.

They were, essentially, the next logical step for bar owners to take.

They offered cheap and convenient places to sit, grab a drink, or take a nap.

It was easy to put your laptop on the couch or the floor and make a drink for your friends.

Now, bars are starting to realize that it might be better to get the cheapest seat in the house, and bar owners are starting look at cheaper, more efficient ways to serve drinks.

One bar owner is looking to capitalize on the trend with an ambitious plan to open up his own cheap bar, bar stool, and kitchenette.

“It’s about making your own little corner store that serves food, drinks, and whatever else you want,” said Mark Spero, owner of Biscuits and Barstools in Columbus, Ohio.

“I can’t make it work as a restaurant, I can’t do it as a bar, I don’t know what I’m going to do with the space.”

The idea is to take a piece of space that has been a restaurant for years, turn it into a bar and kitchen, and then turn it from a bar into a full-service restaurant, Spera said.

Spero said he wants to open a small restaurant with the goal of being profitable within two to three years.

His business model is simple: He will start a new business that will take a business that is already successful and turn it with a different focus and a different philosophy.

He’s already done the research on his business plan.

He has his staff, and he has a staff of about 15 people working on the business.

He’s been doing this for about a year, and it has turned out pretty well.

He doesn’t want to do it too well.

Sterling Barstool, Sixty Five Barstrow, and BarStool’s Bar are all the other locations where Speri operates.

He wants to take the concept a step further and bring a barstool concept to Columbus.

The idea for this concept comes from the fact that bars are a very popular form of entertainment, and people want to watch something while they’re drinking or doing something else, SPero said.

“A lot of people are going to sit at their desk or on the porch,” he said.

“They’ll watch movies or watch TV.

And the barstools are a great place to get out of that.”

Speri said he wanted to start his own business because it’s a new way of thinking about bars, and bars are becoming a lot more popular, he said, adding that he is a fan of bartending.

“Bartending is something that I’m a fan for.

I love the art of it,” he added.

“It’s an art form, and I’m passionate about it.

I want to share that with the world.”

Spencer Farr, a former bartender, is working with Speruas team to build a bar stool that is completely customizable and built for the bar.

It will include the option to use barstOOL technology, allowing customers to choose between a flat bar stool or a curved stool, for more or less seating.

The stool can be purchased for around $10 or $15.

The company will also be working on a small kitchenette, similar to the one seen in the video.

The concept also includes a bar stroller.

Farr said the idea is that it will be a little more affordable than a standard bar stool and will also have more space for the customers.

The project is in the early stages, and the company is only working on two locations, but it has already attracted some interest.

“There are so many bars and restaurants in Columbus,” Farr added.

He added that he’s heard of some bar owners who are interested in starting similar businesses.

The idea is a great fit for the city.

“Columbus is one of those cities that is really kind of like the new urban mecca,” Farrow said.

She added that the idea has a lot of support from bars and restaurant owners in the city, as well as from businesses and investors in the area.

“When I think about the foodies in Columbus who have started these businesses and are creating these new businesses, I think that’s really cool,” Fair said.