How The Trap Bar Is Actually Deadlifting Deadlift

A Trap Bar, or Trap Bar Deadlift, is a deadlift technique that involves using your traps to drive the bar up to the top of the lift, rather than lifting the bar with your legs and traps at the same time.

The idea behind the trap bar deadlifts is to pull as much weight as possible without hitting the floor.

Many lifters use this technique in the deadlift to add more weight without actually lifting the weight, but it is a trap bar technique.

While it may seem like an easy lift, the trap bars are not very effective for the purpose of pulling heavy weights.

This is because the weight being lifted is very heavy.

Instead of using the trap to push up the bar, the weight is pushed down by the traps, and the trap itself is pushed up by the bar.

If you’re looking to gain a lot of weight in the gym, you may find yourself doing a trap Bar Deadlifts instead of the standard deadlift.

I’ve also heard from many lifters that they prefer to lift the bar higher on the barbell instead of lower, so they can use the traps for leverage.

You can do the trap Bar deadlift using the same position as the standard Deadlift if you hold the bar parallel to the ground and place the bar between your shoulders.

When it comes to using traps, the best position for this technique is a barbell overhead position.

But if you are doing the trap, you can also use a rack or bench to hold the weight.

Once you have the bar overhead, the bar should be pulled out of the trap and you can use your legs to pull the bar as far down as you can.

Another way to use the trap is to use your traps with a rack and then stand on the rack and lower the bar in front of you with your traps.

With the trap being pulled up by your traps, you should be able to use that weight as leverage for your pull, rather then just using your legs.

Here are some more traps to learn that are great for the deadlifter.