Detroit police: ‘There was a loud noise’ as officers opened fire at bar near Michigan Stadium

DETROIT — — Detroit police said a shooting Saturday night near Michigan State University’s Stadium in the downtown area was the result of a disturbance and not an act of terrorism.

Michigan State Police said they are investigating the shooting of a 22-year-old man at a bar near the stadium, where a man was shot multiple times in the neck.

Police said officers were called to the bar around 9 p.m.


Michigan state police spokeswoman Emily Gurney said the man was standing outside when two police officers approached the bar and saw a man running away from the bar.

He was shot in the head, Gurnney said.

Police said the two officers pursued the man on foot and opened fire when he failed to comply with commands to drop a gun.

One of the officers was taken to a hospital.

Police have not released a suspect description, but said the incident remains under investigation.

Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder announced Saturday that the state would open a new “Safe Spaces” police training program for police and community leaders.

It is intended to give officers the tools to de-escalate situations, protect themselves and their families, and respond to domestic violence and other threats.