Dairy farmers are getting paid more than ever to boost prices

Dairy farmers in Australia are getting more than $15 million a year in subsidies from the federal government, while their competitors are getting little or nothing, a new report has found.

The research, by the Australian Dairy Industry Association, says the average dairy farmer in Queensland has received about $3.2 million a season over the past four years.

It’s the largest single subsidy of any agricultural sector in Australia.

The average farmer in NSW, which has the most dairy producers, has received less than $400,000 a year.

The dairy industry has faced pressure to provide more transparency, and the government is under pressure to increase subsidies, but it is not in the best interests of farmers, the report says.

“We need to be more accountable,” dairy industry spokesman, David Turek, told ABC Radio.

“It is a huge problem because it is the biggest incentive to milk out your cows.”

If you can’t milk your cows, then you can feed the cows.

“The ABC contacted a number of dairy farmers and dairy processors in the region, as well as the federal Dairy Industry Commission, and found that almost all had received subsidy payments for the past five years, and that there was a clear incentive to pay.

The biggest recipient of subsidy payments was the New South Wales-based Westpac, which received $1.5 million a decade ago, but that was only the first of a series of payments that have continued to rise over the years.

Westpac said in a statement it was pleased to be a recipient of federal government subsidies for a period of time, and hoped to be reimbursed within five years.”

As the dairy industry grows, the importance of having a reliable supply of milk continues to increase,” it said.

The Westpac statement said the company was “encouraged by the Government’s commitment to ensure that it continues to be financially secure”.”

We are pleased that the Federal Government is providing additional support to the industry through the Dairy Product Guarantee Scheme,” the statement said.