Bar Rescue: I rescued bar from a death trap

I have rescued a bar from being crushed under the wheels of a car.

The car had driven over my leg as I stood on the roadside.

The bar was about 4 feet tall, weighing about 70 lbs, and was being crushed by the car.

I managed to pull it out of the car by pulling on the bar.

At that moment, a man was driving the car, and I was trying to save the bar from falling into the car when I realised I had a knife on me.

I grabbed the bar and swung it at the car with all my might.

As the car came to a halt, the man drove off.

The bar hit the back of the driver’s side window and broke off.

When the bar hit, it hit the side of the vehicle and bounced off.

I picked it up and put it in my backpack.

It was about 6 p.m. and I had left my house, so I took the bar to a nearby market for sale.

About an hour later, I returned to the market and bought it back.

It was worth about Rs 15,000 ($1,100).

I also went back to my house and bought another bar.

This one was worth around Rs 10,000.

I was told by the seller that the bar was damaged, but I told him I did not want to take it to a dealer.

The seller agreed.

Now, I am working with the sellers to rebuild it.

It is still being repaired.

My family also wanted to save me, but they were not as lucky.

They also wanted the bar, but because of the damage it was not worth their money.

They told me they could not buy it because of my previous work.

So, I had to rescue it.

While I am happy that I saved a life, I feel that my actions did not do anything for the bar rescue.

My first reaction was to get a knife and try to stab the driver.

I did manage to stab him, but it was very dangerous and I could have died.

I have not been able to sleep.

I think about my mother and father every night, and how they will have to suffer.

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