Apple Genius Bar: Graph maker lets you create custom graphs

Apple has revealed a new Graph maker that lets users create customised graphs for Apple’s products.

Apple’s Graph maker has been designed to make it easy to create graph templates, but there are no details on how users can use the software to create graphs.

Users can use this tool to create a graph using the built-in graph tool or a third-party graph maker such as Graph Studio.

The tool allows users to create simple graphs for specific products, such as a bar graph, but it is not yet clear how users are able to generate these graphs.

Apple declined to reveal how many people use the tool, but a user review on the developer site showed that the tool had over 20,000 reviews.

Users will also be able to use the Graph maker to create their own graphs using a number of customised charts.

Graph Studio also allows users the ability to create customisable charts for certain apps or categories.

The tool allows for the creation of custom charts for the iPad Pro, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6.

Graphs created with Graph Studio can also be exported to PNG and PDF formats.

The graph maker allows users a total of 16 charts, and the creator can export up to 16 graphs in one click.

Users may also create custom graph templates by downloading a custom chart template, which will create a new custom graph for each chart created.

The creator can then export the new graph template and use it to create the graph templates.

The Graph maker was also recently released as an SDK, and Apple says the tool will be available as an open-source project for developers to use.

Apple’s graph maker is the first to use a new graphics engine from Adobe in its Graph maker software.